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Yenence empowers food service brands to drive profitable growth from micro to national scale by enabling direct-to-consumer digital commerce.
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With professionally designed digital sales applications tailored to your brand; attract consumers to sales channels that offer personalized customer experience, gain regulars by offering special treats to exclusive customers and increase your profitability with direct sales.

Try our Web+iOS+Android apps designed for an awesome customer experience that makes it possible to place an order in 17 seconds.

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Marketing Tools

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Boost your profits through interactive marketing, including cross-selling, upselling, intelligent order processing, push/text messaging, invitations of friends, and loyalty programmes.

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Total Control

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Deliver a great service while greatly reducing your operational costs. Get secure card payments with weekly collections. Use Adisyo POS to manage all your business digitally; marketplace integrations, digital/qr menu orders, courier services and everything else from a single point.

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Over 2200 foodservice brands in 9 countries with over 5 million downloads and nearly 120 million monthly transactions...

Take your turn now to start getting your brand into the hearts of consumers.

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Yenence applications work integrated with Adisyo POS, digital/qr menu, marketplaces and other food service industry specific systems with secure payment gateways.

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  • The fees are limited to 5% including taxes and authorized payment institution commission. Tariff prepayment fee is paid as 3.5% sales share for cash payments to be received within 1 year.

Your branded apps are published within 7-14 days. This time covers the customization of brand specific themes and designs and exludes any review or revision process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does direct-to-consumer mean?

Direct-to-Consumer Commerce (D2C/DTC) is the delivery of a brand's products and services directly to consumers. Trade is carried out through brand-specific sales channels such as mobile applications and websites, instead of intermediary sales channels such as marketplaces.


What does direct-to-consumer sales bring to our brand?

D2C Commerce enables your brand to improve customer experience and acquire loyal, repeat customers through third-party sales channels such as e-marketplaces. In this way, turnover growth due to strict price competition and heavy commission burden caused by sales dependent on intermediaries turns into profit growth.


How do we encourage consumers into our direct sales channels?

D2C brands take a series of steps to improve customer experience with the savings they generate from direct sales.

Some basic steps that improve customer experience:

  • personalized ordering experience according to consumers' tastes
  • Treats offered according to customer tastes
  • Special products depending on the location or branch in the menus
  • personalized priority fast shipping
  • Free/graded shipping fee depending on order amount and distance
  • win-win discounts+bonus credits


Which food products/services are suitable for direct sales?

Food services eligible for direct-to-consumer sales include:

  • restaurants
  • coffee shops
  • Ovens
  • ice cream shops
  • delicatessens
  • markets
  • farmers markets
  • food trucks
  • Corporate catering companies
  • Food delivery services
  • food subscription boxes

These types of food services typically have high sales volume and low production costs, making them well-suited for direct-to-consumer sales.

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